Our creativity can flow like the lava in the picture included with this blog. But, I realized a basic truth today. No matter how hard you try, you will rewrite a few million times (okay I know that was an exaggeration)! It seems like a few million or at least one hundred thousand. I realized this when I sent a friend and editor four (I think) different extensions of the same story. WHY? Because I kept finding these little words left in the story that made no sense or repeated the same thought a bunch of times. I wanted to say bah hum bug, don't worry about the rewrites. That is a lazy way to think, would you want to read a story that was stuttering, and dragging? Not me, I certainly wouldn't want to read it and would be mad if I PAID for it. 

We have to be as diligent as possible when rewriting and we do have to rewrite. No way around it if you want to put the best of your ideas, heart, and soul out for public consumption. That is my thought for the day. If there is something you would like to ask me please do. You can find me on almost all the social media platforms. Also, please support indie artists, authors, musicians, and any type of medium of creativity. They are putting content out and working hard.

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