Do you cross genre’s?

Do you cross genres? I know odd question, I have read romance that stitched together a love story with a great sci-fi story in the background and vice versa. 

That is not what I am talking about, example:

Kelly is a biographer and she also writes lengthy ad nauseam about the purple dung beetle. She decides to write a romance novel (secret passion for her). Can she go from the purple dung beetle to romance. 

I know she can, she has to focus on the craft of what she is writing. You have to use every ounce of creativity to write a fiction piece. Just like you have to be a great researcher to write about a dung beetle. Plus, you can't be even remotely narcoleptic, so you have to have to focus, creativity, and love for the craft of fiction writing.

You can certainly cross genre's, it isn't the end of the world if you do either. Let no one discourage you from becoming a better writer, and remember to pass it on.

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