Different Horizon

Different Horizon

I want to be that bird flying higher and higher

stretching wings beautifully in vibrant colors.

To look down at the world and laugh 

as the air under my plumage tickles me.

Looking down at man's so called progress, 

 to be truly free. Watching as the sun goes down

on the same horizon. 

Revel in the sun and cry with the ran.

Days would be a blur as I flew across the world with 

a mournful cry. 

Seeing sights n0 mere man has ever seen 

what courage it would take.

A bird of prey or a popping jay colors matter not. 

I would be free and master of my skies. 

See it in your minds eye, man would be so jealous of me.

I have to come back down now....I am that man.

Kristi Ivey



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