Science Fiction Excerpt -- The Reign

 The Reign

 “Brother we were told not to meddle in this dimension. We are changing the outcome for this whole universe!” Zto looked at his older brother with apprehension.

“Kop only you and I will know! The timers are not monitoring us as we are trusted quit being distressed. To allow trillions of deaths because of a directive that has no bases is ridiculous and conceited. Should we bloody our tolon (soul)? We know what will happen if the central universe dies! We are bringing back species to a future dimension they are not supposed to be in. The madness and vanity of our current leaders makes me sick.” Kop stated, looking at the humans huddling in the back of the cargo bay. 

Their ship was more than a ship it was a time travel device, inter dimensional device. 

Having visited the future and seeing the massive black hole of a universe scared them both. More than anything was the loss of life and total madness that had slipped into this universe, so they came back to the very moment of enlightenment by the species that would be the oldest, and longest-lived race this galaxy.


 Kristi Ivey

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